June 7, 2021

Sisters and Brothers

In our ever changing and evolving world environment we want to encourage and thank you for your continued support to the local. Recent events in relation to the work environment and unfortunate and untimely deaths reminds us all how precious and sacred that life is. Be conscious and aware of your surroundings and encourage those who may need help or assistance of any kind to seek out and utilize the appropriate resources available to them. Wellness is very important to our success.

As of June 1st, the leadership at LACMTA has changed hands, Stephanie Wiggins is now the new CEO and as we all know when such changes take place, there are concerns and questions as to how it affects the workers. Our position and approach will be as it always has been: We will continue to fight for and protect your work rights and always seek to better working conditions. Let’s continue to strive and commit ourselves to the level of excellence and dedication that makes us a great Union.


AFSCME Local 3634 Executive Board
Metro Supervisors
Respectfully and In Solidarity


Tentative Agreement

1.  Appendix A, #7 will call for an additional wage increase on July 1, 2022 of 3.5% and on July 1, 2023 of 3.5% for all AFSCME bargaining unit employees.

2.  The Collective Bargaining Agreement will remain in effect until June 30, 2024.

3.  Except as listed above, all provisions of the Collective Bargaining Agreement between LACMTA and AFSCME will remain in effect.