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Dear AFSCME members: These two bills are going out for a vote this week, they will affect our work and we need to do our part to put a stop to this. Can you please find the time this morning and today to get out your phones and call the numbers here? This is not just limited to you; tell your friends and family to get on this as well. (Hi this is YOUR NAME and I do not support AB 1454/ SB 768, this will affect my job by outsourcing work. Thank you!)

Our organization is opposed to AB 1454 (Bloom), which is up Monday in the transportation committee. The employees of the Metropolitan Transportation Committee do not want an expansion of public-private partnerships. These public-private partnerships are designed to outsource the work of your constituents who are public workers. We just passed a $52 billion infrastructure package – we don’t need to be outsourcing the work of your hardworking, tax payers who are public sector union members.

Please download the full notice here.

president001Message from the President

March 21, 2017

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Negotiations have begun and the negotiating committee is committed to bringing forth a contract that we all can be proud of. AFSCME and LACMTA are poised to complete the negotiations process prior to the July 1, 2017, contract expiration date. So far negotiations are moving along at a pace where it is a possibility that we will be able to meet that deadline. As soon as a tentative agreement has been reached, all members will be notified by mail.


RECENT EVENTS-Union Boards/New Stewards

Please check your Union Boards to see who your Union Officers are in your area (EBoard Member, Steward). They are there to assist you with contractual issues, Weingarten Rights, Skelley Rights, and other concerns affecting your rights. Please don’t hesitate to contact them. I am available as well.

A Primer on California Transit


The Legislative Analyst’s estimates $28 billion in transportation revenues will be provided to all levels of government for fiscal year 2016-17. Local governments provide more than half of all transportation funding in California. About one-fifth of the state’s transportation funding comes from the federal government. The remainder of transportation funding comes from a variety of state revenue sources. The recent passage of Measure M will also provide additional funding for LA County.

As you know the City of LA has taken on an aggressive plan to expand public transportation, reduce traffic congestion, and multitude of capital projects throughout the city affecting most neighboring counties as well. Public Private Partnership (P3’s) will play a significant role in these projects. AFSCME, other Labor Unions, friendly politicians, and various watchdog groups will be monitoring these projects and fighting to ensure that Union jobs are protected, created and maintained.



Tim Del Cambre
AFSCME Local 3634



AFSCME District Council 36 Locals

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AFSCME Local 3634 Believes in Community

Local 3634 was organized in 1999. We represent 741 MTA first-line supervisors. This group supervises primarily bus and rail operators and mechanics, including 32 other Operations support units.


From our inception, we have made it a point to be involved with the greater community in Los Angeles County. We have sponsored food drives with Turkeys & Toys and Blessed In The City. We have provided facilities for flight lessons with the Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum. We have provided scholarships to future community leaders through BAMN (By Any Means Necessary) and AFSCME Local 685 LA County Probation Officers.


We continue to seek opportunities with non-profit groups that benefit both parties. Our latest venture is to partner with The Sentinel, Project IMPACT and World Vision to provide school supplies for needy children in the community of Compton. AFSCME is a proud sponsor of education.