I would like to introduce myself, I have been a union member for 33 years. I began my career with MTA as a Bus Mechanic. I then became a Rail Maintenance Specialist. I have been a Rail Maintenance Supervisor for the last 7 years working at various Rail divisions both heavy and light rail. I have had many great experiences working at so many different divisions.

I recently had the opportunity to meet James Adams the first president of our Local 3634 AFSCME union. He explained why the Supervisors chose to become union members. He also explained in detail the benefits of being a union member. His statements and life experiences made a positive impact on me.

We as union members enjoy great benefits that many other people in various states are unable to enjoy, due to legislation that does not allow unions to thrive because of very restrictive laws.

We have several challenges ahead of us in the future. Our best resources against these challenges that we face are educating ourselves and understanding that knowledge is power. A well-educated and trained workforce is a very valuable commodity in today’s economy. In closing, I am looking forward to working for all our members and meeting you at the various divisions throughout MTA. Thank you again, for this opportunity to serve you as an Executive Board Member.

In Solidarity,



Executive Board Member
AFSCME Local 3634


Union Advantage

I commonly hear people say “what has the union done for me”, well let me tell you.

The union gives workers a voice in the work place through workplace democracy and offers a seat at the table with management to improve working conditions and helps protect workers from exploitation. The Union negotiates for fair wages, retirement benefits, healthcare, differential pay and most important JOB SECURITY. Unionized workers income is typically 30% more than their non-union counterparts, have better healthcare benefit packages and reduces the gender wage gap. One great advantage we have working for METRO is the financial package negotiated by your union to improve your quality of life; since 2009 through the end of this contract year 2022 members will experience an income gain of over 40%. Here’s a little fact finding from the Census Bureau, we exceed the median employed and will do so through retirement.



Unions helped create the middle class, affording individuals an opportunity for home ownership, unions boost economic mobility in future generations, reduce runaway incomes at the top, raise the share of national income going to the middle class, reduce inequality, decrease poverty, and improve workers’ general well-being.   Resources: What a Labor Union is and how it works, Kelly Kim and Census Bureau.

In Solidarity,

Veronica Gunn
AFSCME Recording Secretary


Unions: Their Purpose and Importance

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